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The older kids, Harold and the Purple Crayon : Super Scribblenauts
Super Scribblenauts 
Platform: Nintendo DS 

Why do I love this game so much? I don’t know. Is it because it hurts my brain sometimes? Yes. is it because it is the equivalent of a Mad Libs on the DS. Yes. I love my DS, and this is the first Christmas Present I got that I have used the most. I played Kingdom Hearts on Christmas on my DS, and I will sit down and Review it at some point, and it is so much fun. But now back to the complexity of Scribblenauts. This game makes me feel like a genius and a abysmal at the same time, because some of the puzzles puzzle my brain. Yeah, puzzle puzzle puzzle. The game is very solid, and it is so much fun. There is no reason to pass this up as a DS owner. It is $20 at Walmart, and Gamestop. 

Gameplay : The puzzles are infuriating, but can be fun. The whole game is quite fun. You can come up with funny words to solve puzzles, like giving Machine Guns to cats for Christmas, and giving a voodoo doll to a little girl to cheer her up. There are a lot of funny puzzles, and I always try to find the silly little ways out of it. The game is quite fun, just go buy a DS, and play this game. The gameplay itself is quite addictive. But why is it so addictive? Because it allows you to use your imagination in anyway possible. But say you don’t know what an object is. You cannot figure what to give this one character to make him let you cut in line. What do you do? Well you can click on a little Magnifying glass icon in the top left of the touch screen and click on any character, and the game will tell you exactly what they are. ot to lie I found this feature in e\writing this review of the game, from reading the manual. Just goes to show, read the instructions kids, or you’ll end up like me ; writing video game reviews for fun on a blog.

Controls : Very free, and fun. What I mean by this is that the controls allow you to look around the whole level, but in a very zoomed in camera.It never restricts you to just one screen, unlike a Mario game you can oversee the whole level. Now at times this might get frustrating because (as far as I know) you can’t zoom the camera out. This does not subtract too much from the game, but as I said, it might simply get annoying. I don’t know, I haven't honestly ever got too annoyed so I don’t think you will either. The other thing its is that the touch screen its used to move the screen, where the d-pad is used to move your little character. This works quite well, as sometimes you might need to survey the puzzle without moving Maxwell. 

Story : Not Scribblenauts Unlimited, but not bad. There really is no story, you just don’t have to have a story, all you do is solve puzzles with your vocabulary. So that’s about it. This is a very bare bones story, I don’t even know if Maxwell is fighting for anything, all I know is he is pretty cool. He is just doing nice things for the sake of doing it. I strongly recommend this game. 

This game is good, it allows young children to use their brains, and makes young adults look dumb. I have gotten caught on some of the puzzles, but most of the problems spawn off of my own stupidity. I really enjoy playing this game, and it is a good time waster for car rides, and family get together. It doesn't end there though. On the main menu you are able to create your own levels, and have friends, family, and even your own brain to solve these. This game is quite simply one of the best DS games on the system. I give this game…

Rating: 8 out of 10. Great game. 

Hey guys, thanks for reading, this is one of my christmas presents so yeah, had to do this review. It is great to sit there and tell you guys how good this game is. So yeah, follow on twitter, tweet at me questions, games I should play, critiques, other stuff. There is a new Facebook page, so go check that out. I have a Tumblr used pretty much just for questions and comments, so I guess you can go there. So yeah, just, just have a great day.