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Team Player : Army of Two, The 40th Day
Army of Two : The 40th Day 
Platform : Xbox 360, PS3 

** Warning Call of Duty might be referred to as CoD**

To begin, I’ll do “Army of Two : The 40th day,” for the PSP another day, because it is quite a different animal, not bad, just different. So yeah, this game dropped a few years back to some okay reviews. The game is considered good, with okay ratings. To be honest this is my favorite of the whole series. The first had a MW2 like story, funny, but a little ridiculous, and the Devils Cartel did not follow my 2 favorite characters, so I stand in the middle, I enjoy the Second the most, and the two others are half decent, but not needed to enjoy the second game. I would never, ever tell anybody to go out and buy a console like the Xbox, it’s just not cost effective, not to mention Microsoft doesn’t even care about their fanbase. This is definitely a game worth playing if your friend want to play it, and he owns the game. The only reason I still get to play it is because I still have my Xbox. 

Gameplay : Very fun structures, lots of third person shooting action. I played this game a long time before I had ever played Gears of War, and still find those to be much superior games. This game gives a beefed up Gears of War cover system, with parts from the original Army of two game in it. To begin the game runs great, and allows you to fight a wide amount of mercenaries, and use a wide array of guns. This game coined the term lego with guns, which was more or less true. I loved creating my dream gun ( to be honest, I don’t truly have a dream gun) and making it look like a space age machine gun. Awsome. This game is very fun and brings to the table one of the best shooter on the system. 

Controls : Not as good as Gears, better than “Army of Two.” To start, the same A to take cover (or X for you PS3 peeps) is kept from the Gears of War,” series. I also love the way you can optionally switch the camera angle from over one shoulder to the next in combat. Gears of war, while it did progressively do just that, Army of Two did not. The controls for this game feel very solid, like a third person Cod/ Gears of War combo, and it really works. 

Story : Not very deep, co-op decisions are quite black and white, love the story as it progresses between Salem and Rios. The story seems to have a lot of black and white co-op decisions that you and your partner, almost like Mass Effect. The problem is, the choices make sense for the first two playthroughs, but after that the story alone is what kept me coming back again and again to continue to play through this game. Over the summer of 2011 I played through this game so many times, it sits in the same category of Gears of War. I continue to play this game every once and a while and it does not fail to achieve what I want from my third person shooter 

This game tickles all my fancies. Yes that sounds a bit odd, but it does. It does what a pure mercenary war shooter does. Fun missions? Check. Cool gun customizations? Check. I truly love how this game looks, how it plays, and even how it is able to go through the story very smoothly, and makes me want to go on and read the graphic novels that go along with the whole series. Then maybe I would like the Devils Cartel, and then, just maybe I would enjoy the whole series. But that doesn't stop me from enjoying the whole series of game, even though Money hungry EA has been killing this series since it first started, I still enjoy the whole idea. 

Rating: 7 out of 10. Not the best, but very enjoyable.

Hey thanks guy, having some computer trouble, so I am happy to get this one out. Follow me on Twitter, and like the brand new Facebook page. Ask me questions there if you want. Thanks for the support guys, I really appreciate it