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The Amazing Quest : The Legend of Zelda : Twilight Princess
The Legend of Zelda : Twilight Princess 
Platform : Gamecube, Wii

It was about three months ago, a week or two before Halloween, when I first picked up a Wii-mote to play through this game. The game from the first minute, compelled me to play, filled with adventure, and hours of fun. When I had first tried to play it, I threw it down quickly, but around Halloween time last year, as I specified above, I was ready to beat this beautiful game. If you don’t own a Wii, I encourage you to, go buy and a Wii and this Zelda as well. This game seems to get a lot of flack, when to be honest it is a very solid game, and a superior next gen Zelda. If you have never played a Zelda, this is great place to start. I strongly advice you, please play this game. It gives you all the elements, and is fairly easy, but gives you hours of gameplay after the fact. I still play the game, and adventure around, it is so much fun, and I have a hard time getting bored. Zelda, Mario, and games I enjoy a lot, I will usually try to beat before reviewing here, and I believe that way I say for certain that these games are worth your time, and “ The Legend of Zelda : Twilight Princess,” Is definitely one of the games I encourage the most. So enough with this talk, and on to the gameplay, and remember, at least keep it in the back of your mind, this is the first Zelda I have ever beaten. I’ve played the original for the Nintendo, ad Links Awakening for the Gameboy, but never beaten any others then Twilight Princess. 

Gameplay : Fun, this game really does support adventuring more then “Link to the past,” but not on the same level as the Original game. Now that’s not a bad thing, because too many times in the “Legend of Zelda,” I got lost because I couldn’t figure out where to go. In “Twilight Princess,” The dungeons are all marked out for you, but that doesn’t detract too much. IU always felt cool in the dungeons though (which were my favorite parts hands down) because even if you talked to your little friend, Midna, she gave you information into beating the dungeon. You needed to figure it out by the seed of your own wit, and I love it. I am becoming a very big fan of dungeon adventure type games, and this game might just of been the spark towards it. The lore of Zelda is also quite fascinating to me. I love to boot the Hyrule Historia on our WiiU and just read entries about the history of Hyrule. It is safe to say about a month ago I had no interest in actually playing a Zelda game, but now I wanna go back through every last game and play them all.

Controls : Motion controls were meant for the Wii. Now thats not to say that motion controls of the Xbox 360 or the PS3 are bad, I just feel like the use of motion controls on every single console, drove me to not wanna take apart, which is why I distanced myself from Nintendo. Now that I have come to see how well motion controls can work on the Wii, I am 100% confident in saying that Motion controls should only have been on the Wii. Kinect and Playstation Move (Aka negative Wii) where just terrible rip offs of what Nintendo had a full idea in. The Difference is the Wii was based around motion controls, and thats what made developers understand what they were getting into developing for the Wii. “ Twilight Princess,” is a shining beacon of how Motion controls need to work in new Zelda games, and to be honest, I am so excited to see how well they work in “ Skyward Sword.” My mo is usually, If PeanutButterGamer likes the controls of Zedla game, they usually work quite well. 

Story : B-E-A-UTIFUL. I have not heard a story this deep since I played the original Bioshock through when I first got my Xbox 360 during my Sophomore Year(2010). It had been a long time since I have played a game this good also. The characters are funny and cooky as in all Zelda games, but My favorite had to be Zant, the original bad guy, who is quite a baby-ish character, and made me laugh on a few occasions of how ridiculous it was for him to think he was so bad. Minor spoilers but I don’t care, because I know if you go and play this game the last thing you will be worried about is one little thing I spoiled. now if I told you how to beat all of the dungeons, and how long the game truly is, then I would spoil it 

All around this game just proves to me how much quality is in Nintendo’s games. It also shows me what a Zelda game is all about, because exploring in this game is usually rewarded. You can adventure for days in this game, trying to find all the heart pieces, adventuring in hidden cave. There is so much to do in the wonderful world of Zelda. 

Rating : 9 out of 10 : One of the best games I have played this year

Hey guys thanks for reading. I hope you guys enjoy these reviews today, and I will try to keep to schedule on the future. Check out my twitter and Facebook. Thanks