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Dark Souls with guns : Gears of War
Gears of War 
Platform : Xbox 360 
Audience : Mature

How do I start with this game. I guess the title of the review should sum it up. This game is just like “Dark Souls,” but with guns. The sequel, and even the prequel take away some of the challenge, and make the casual, easy and even the hard mode feel like it’s not part of the “ Gears of War,” series. This game was actually the last game in the series I completed 100%, and still I find myself playing this game more than the others. I didn't play this game till about a year and a half ago, and I am quite sad I never did, because I love this game now and return to play it on Normal very often. I have a hard time not playing Hardcore mode on this game because the difficult, while it is frustrating at times, but makes you feel rewarded when you finally kill that one guy that keeps slaughtering you. 

Game Play : Buggy, but quick and action packed. This is one of the first and most repayable game in the whole “Gears of War,” series, and possible on the whole Xbox. This game is only rivaled by “Bioshock Infinite,” only because Infinite story forces to play the game at least twice. Gears of War seems to invite me to come back in, and stay a while, and maybe beat the game again. Over the summer months when I can’t find a job, and am done with school, I challenge myself with this game. This is one of the only shooters I’ve played through and un-numbered amount of times, rivaled only by Fear, the original. The game play is quite Addictive, and keeps someone like me coming back for more. To sum it up, is it hard? Yes. is it frustrating? Yes. Does it ever feel boring? To me no. I don’t know, maybe I am a masochist, but I love it 

Controls : Fast, give a very realistic feel to the game. Any body who remembers the Microsoft announcement of the Xbox 360 (apparently everybody but me) remembers when Gears of War was slated for launch. it launched beside the Xbox 360, and was supposed to be one of the most realistic war fighters on the console. To be honest, I believe that statement still holds up to this day. The game is very much a war simulator. Now to be fair you are fighting giant bug creatures, but none the less, that's what you are fighting. Now to the controls. You essential can win a lot of firefights with the A button, the right bumper, the left thumb stick and the triggers. I enjoy how the combat in the first game always seems to be structured, and no matter how many times I play it, I wanna play it again. the last game that brought this feeling of structure to a video game, at least for me was “Jak and Daxter : The Lost Frontier.” Now, like I’ve already said, this might just be my blinding of Nostalgia, but I just don’t believe games are made this form of quality any more. Ever gears of War Judgement felt like a sad attempt to get back to basics in under a year. I love all three games and the series, and both me and my friends throw Gears of War Judgement out because it simply doesn't feel connected to the first game at all. 

Story : Not too deep, but fun to play along to. When people complain about Gears of War it is always over the same thing. The story, and if you're one of the many that complains about the difficulty of the first game, then don’t play it, because I love the difficulty. The problem with the story, i that it adds nothing to the game play. Even when you are fighting toward a place, the story just feels kinda tacts on. to be honest, I could play this game without a story and still enjoy it more the I do games like “Halo,” or “COD.” Oh I’ve been tip-toeing around those series, but reviews for them are coming down the pipe, and the game I love and the game I hate just might surprise you deerily. 

So all in all, I really enjoy Gears of War, it is the sole reason My Xbox 360 is still in my house, because if I no longer wished to play it, the console would be smashed in the cold Maine snow. Gears of War was a series that used to get me excited for E3, but now I am just worried to see what they will do to my beloved series next year. Now like the “Bayonetta 2,” incident, I am not gonna run out and buy and Xbox One just cause Gears of War, whatever 4 is on it. I am done 100% with Microsoft for gaming. They are getting ready to lose me on the computer front too. Whatever, the one good thing that came out of their last console generation was Gears of War original for the Xbox 360. ow don’t take this as I think they are evil, I just don’t agree with decisions. With both Microsoft and Sony, video games are become more of a yearly thing, and look what that did to Call of Duty, Battlefield, and even Halo. These game come out to frequently, and it is solely because of the two big consoles running the show. To Digress, the Xbox 360 is not worth it, I wouldn't tell you to run out and buy one ever, ever! But if you do own one, look into buying this game. It is fun, and worth the play through. Though it is not for everybody so if the game I have explained above sounds interesting to you, please try it out, if not leave the series alone, because it is because of the soft gaming group Gears of War is where it is now. I give this game a… 

 Rating: 3 out of 5. Great game, some major bugs and control issues, but good. 

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