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8-bit Zombie Simulator : Dead Pixels
Dead Pixels 
Platform : Xbox Arcade, PC (most formats)

This game is one of the only 8-bit gems I have found on the Xbox marketplace. A lot of other 8-bit titles seem to be thrown together, terrible animated, with bad enemy AI, but this game is great. Dead Pixels, unlike Left 4 Dead, or any other Zombie shooter, is a full scale zombie survival simulator. Like Zombie U, this game has you scavenging for goods, rationing ammo, and fending off hordes of the undead, but mostly running from them. I enjoy playing this 2D side scrolling Zombie sim. It is always better with a friend, but if you don’t have one, it is always fun to try out the different game modes. The game never feels to hard, challenging, but fun. In modern day you might say this game looks like any old NES classic, but I am convinced that back in the time of the Nintendo Entertainment System, this game would have been thrown away for the Super Mario's and the Zelda’s, because zombies were not as big a deal back then as they are now. Everybody is looking for a realistic zombie sim nowaday, and I believe I have found it. 

Gameplay : Don’t know why, but indie games always hit this on the head. What is the one thing I wanna do in a Zombie simulation game? Shoot the darn Zombies. My problem with games like Dead Island, and Dead Light, is they put too much of a light of the Melee system, and fleeing from zombies. This is one of the first zombie sims I can say, gives me a choice. I would much rather play this game through all the way then any of the other zombie themed games on the Xbox. In the original game, you had to navigate the streets of this perilous city to complete 30 streets (depending on the game mode and difficulty) to get out of the city and be evaded. And with two other playable game modes, this game is superior to even Call Of Duty Zombies.

Controls : Like Butter, in the good way I promise. You control one character through an urban wasteland filled with fried corpses, and graphic depictions of human mutilation, but never does the game have you feel like you will be joining them anytime soon. Your character moves quickly, unless you pick up too much equipment, but he is usually able to duck and dodge all the zombies in his way. The game is very reminiscent of “Zombies ate My Neighbors,” for the Super Nintendo, but this game has a much more serious control scheme. You have health packs of different sizes and values, and a lot of guns. You think Borderlands had a lot of guns. The guns in this game ( usually references to zombie related media) span from 1 shot rifles and handguns, to semi-auto shotguns. And you always feel like you are in control of your gun. This game with these two sections alone deserves a play through, and please help support CSR studios. 

 Story : Short and Sweet. You are a stranded. You need to get out of the city before you die. FIn. It really is that simple, and I beleive thats why the game is so good. I can put myself into the role of this game. You would think a one dollar game on steam was not even worth the look, but on both the Xbox marketplace, and Steam, this game is more than worth its price tag.  

I believe that there are things that the CSR will need to do better, like a constant level system, more weapons, more zombies, boost some parts of the game, like the looting. I wanna actually enter the building, and the supplies should have conditions, like a bad teddy bear and a great one, that way you have more of a reason to not get hit so that your stuff is worth more. I wanna be able to choose what my character looks like also. one more thing, 8-bit is quite overdone, but this one actually has a bit of quality to it. Like I said before, it is the best Zombie sim I have ever played, and I own it on both platforms. the game is at most all we can do is purpose what CSR can do better next time. But really sit down and think. I don’t know how many people where on the team that made this game. I can only guess that very few where actually part of the game, but an indie company is finally the company to make the zombie sim I have been waiting for. Such an (as far as I know) small team making such a deep and complex game, blows my mind. That is just one more thing that makes this game fantastic. So all in all I give this game a 

Rating: 8 out of 10. Hours of fun for under 5 bucks.

Hey guys, go check out this game on steam. Also go ahead and subscribe to the blog. Go check out my Twitter and Facebook, and go check out some of my older blog posts, other journalistic reviews of some goo, and some bad games. Thanks for reading, and have a beautiful day.