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The End of Earth: Gears of War 2
Gears of War 2 
Platform : Xbox 360 
Audience : Mature

Well when you begin to make sequels for great and awe inspiring games, you wanna make a Gears of War 2 like game. Gears of War 2 took it’s predecessor, fixed the big problems, brought in new play mechanics and structures, and brought us one of the best sequels mankind has ever seen ( next to Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, and Jak and Daxter). This game makes the conflict from the first game feel like Childsplay, as you fight bigger and stronger enemies, and take on the Locust once again. I would love to indulge into the lore of this us\niverse, and I used to. I had thought when I was back in High School of writing fanfics for this series and Borderlands, but never got to it. This game is quite immersive, and filled with ideas of war never brought out in games like Call of Duty. In Gears of war you explore former Locust bases, research facilities Stranded camps, and many more heart wrenching moments. Call of Duty has never gone through containment camps, and Euthanization at the hand of the enemy, but Gear of War does in some of the most emotional ways. Some of the toughest men of the squad, Captured, tortured, and broken. Not gonna lie, there where at least two big deaths where I might of cried had my best friend not been sitting right next to me. So this game is worth at least a few rounds of Multiplayer, if not a full play through. 

Gameplay : A perfected version of “Gears of War.” The gameplay of this game, literally feel like the best parts of the original, but turns into a great story, not just a rip off of the last game. I feel confident in saying that if the first and second game where given to two different people, without any prior knowledge of the series, and minus any box art and cutscenes revealing the title, they would say these both are unique, unrelated, stories about war. The gameplay adds so many cool,new weapons, new structures, like improved vehicle combat, air combat, bigger, badder enemies, and two very well defined main characters. 

Controls : Very fast paced controls, creating a very realistic war like experience. In this game, unlike “ Call of Duty,” or “Halo,” you have to pay attention to the game. In Cod, or Halo, you just mindlessly shoot a bunch of guys, reload and keep going. In Gears, the second you stop paying attention, you can be killed by an enemy. When you actively reload you feel that you have a leg over your enemy. I love how this makes you feel like you're part of this Gears army, fighting for Sera. The game never feels to cheap with it’s difficulty, but with the controls combine with the superior gameplay, this game looks and plays like a superior third Person Shooter.  

Story : Compelling, strong statement on Gasoline, war, and love. I love the story of this game. I disbelief most of the hullabaloo around Gasoline, and have a strong feeling on the potion of war, and Gear touches none of the ways I feel, but the story is still quite compelling. The war from the first game looks more like the locust are on the Offensive, but just like General Custer in the Indian wars, the locust luck quickly changed. With the small attacks from the COG, the locust quickly change from the offensive to the defensive. The Humans, also referred to as the COG, finally launch an attack after the locust retreat from a major city nearby. By the end of the game you feel you haven't gained much ground, and fall right back where you started. Now there is no problem with this, because it does feel very reminiscent of real war, with a very sci-fi approach. The story needs to be experienced, and this is another game I would not say is worth the purchase of the Xbox 360, but if you happen to own one, of have a friend with the Xbox 360, to play this game.  
So yeah, my whole Xbox experience was throughout my Junior and Senior year, and these were some of the only games I played. I now despise the Xbox, but still love the original series of Gears of War. It was one of the old series I enjoy, and can pop in and play no matter what mood I am in. I don’t feel like I would of been as interested in history had it not been for this game, because I found researching in this game as interesting as researching our real world. The lore around this is as rich and deep as our real world, and maybe thats is why I can connect so closely to Marcus Fenix, and Dom because they are humans, and I am a human. Master Chief, Gordon Freeman, and even Fear guy, are hollow shells. People always seem to say that these are “real,” characters, but to be honest they are bland. I would have felt more connected if they had allowed me to plaster my name on Gordon or Master Chief, I would of felt even a little bit more connected. Marcus and Dom are always trading speech, talking back and forth, even in combat, and it feels always like your are really part of a squad, not just one guy experiencing the fight, with no say. Third person shooters like Gears of War, help make the player feel that they are truly fighting for the COG. With that, Gears of War 2 gets a... 

Rating: 8 out of 10. One of the Best 

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