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Pandora's Box : Borderlands
Platform : Xbox 360, PS3, PC

To start, why is there still no “Borderlands,” MMO. If that existed ( and I mean a Borderlands MMo, not just any old shooter MMO) I would play it day in and day out. The fact of the matter is, if “Borderlands,” or “Borderlands 2,” didn’t end, I would play it for days. It’s kinda like “Diablo.” The fact that “Diablo,” takes so long to complete means it is the kinda game that can keep you entertained for months. But, without the hours of side quests, and useless crafting missions, I still have played this game a lot. With the interesting characters, cool guns, infinite level up options, and a story that makes me laugh. This game is the first that showed me the brilliant minds over at 2K, and I like to try to replay this game every once and a while, simply for the story and side-quests. This is a free roam action-rpg, shooter, in which you create the best possible mercenary to meet your needs. Theres the Brick, Soldier, Sniper, and the Siren ( Magic like powers, slow down time). All four of these characters address different play styles, and make the game much more fun. If you passed up playing this game, whether it be for the graphics, the silly story, or just the fact that it looked boring, this game should be on your Steam account, and you should definitely play it. 

Gameplay : Very much like “Fallout,” but with really well implemented RPG elements. I can only imagine how many times this idea had been purposed to video games, and RPG with guns. Some claim that “Fallout,” was the first, and most try to claim that “Far Cry 3,” is the best. But I just don’t agree. I played “ Far Cry through, all the way twice in the matter of two months. Calling “Far Cry 3,” “Skyrim,” With guns, should be a crime. But “Borderlands,” is a masterpiece put together by the team over at 2K. This game has all the right play styles. Now “Fallout is a very good RPG, but it always has felt like the guns are tacked on later, and it always feels like without Vats, you have a very hard time using the guns. But, moving on “Borderlands,” missions and side quests are always fresh and new. Never do you things more than twice, and mission variety seems to be very dispersed. Some missions have you sabotaging stuff, some have you scavenging for gun parts, and others just have going on wild goose chases for equipment that doesn't truly exist. The gameplay is fun and addictive, and you’d be hard pressed to find another gameplay system as good as this one.

Controls : A lot like Call of Duty, but with a 2K RPG feel. The controls are tight, with a bit of a floaty “Halo,” Jump, the controls feel a lot like “Call of Duty’s,” controls. Now thats not a bad thing, because unlike games such as “ Battlefield,” the controls feel as tight, and “Call of Duty,”-like as CoD itself. If you are hampering to call out this game for this fact though, there are bucket loads of games that have done the same thing as “Battlefield,” and stole the controls, and tried to be unique with it. “Borderlands, “ and “Borderlands 2,” Definitely nailed the “Call of Duty,” controls, and have made a smooth game around the controller. It always seems like you are a 1-man army, even with the shortage of buttons on the controllers, making your character feel unstoppable, until you die to a Skagzilla.

Story : Beautiful, funny, and borderline rude. The story is focused around finding a giant vault filled with magic and powerful loot. Guns, bullets, power ups, shields, anything you would want. Only problem is, you don’t have the key, and you have no idea where to start. But wait, a magical “angel,” appears on you little heads up display. After this you can kinda guess what the game turns into, go here kill this, get this, bring it back to me, Level Up. The story is interesting, but to be honest you can go along not even paying attention to it. The game is cool, but really hard to explain, if you got the money, and the time, please sit down and play this game

To begin this is not a classic RPG, it s short, and it can be difficult at times, but not too difficult. Like any other RPG, if you try to do things too over your level you will be easily defeated. If you grind up, go through every last side quest, you can be overleved, which makes the game a breeze. If depends on how you plan to play, and how much time you plan to put into this game. at the end of the day this is the best RPG shooter at the time, and rivals games such as “Fallout.” This game honorably rated … 

Rating: 7 out of 10. Very enjoyable.

Hey guys, sorry for the choppy update, I figured I would not upload on Monday due to the holiday, but I needed more time for last Thursdays update. Next Thursday will be a two for one. So if you are interested go check out our Facebook and Twitter, give me a game to review, and don't forget to follow PlayTooReveiws blog so you can read all my new posts.