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Back to Nam : Call of Duty : Black Ops
Call of Duty : Black Ops  
Platform : PS4, Xbox 360, PC, Wii, DS 

 **Warning, from now on Call of Duty can be referred to as CoD**

So yeah, until I have tried them I cannot judge the DS port, or the Wii port, I will just be talking about the different ports still related to the game I played. To begin, this is another game that nobody else seems to like. Thats not to say I don’t see why others don’t hate it. I used to be awful at the Multiplayer, but have since gotten quite good at. I also loved the story of this game, not only because of the historical stuff, but also because of the ridiculous guns and chemical weapons. Whether or not this stuff is 100% genuine it is cool, and ridiculous. Unlike MW3 where the story is trying to be serious but is in reality to silly. So “Call Of Duty Black Ops,” is a first person shooter, based back in the 50’s and 60’s, where you play as a compromised US Military Black Ops operator.This story, like bioshock has quite a twist, so I will not reveal too much, but this game is cool, and at least does show some legitimate things from WWII, the Cold war, and the Vietnam war.

Gameplay : A lot like World at War combined with Modern Warefare 2. One of my favorite things to come from Treyarch, is their ridiculous games, with amazing guns, and fun equipment. The big difference I don’t think all CoD player see is that Treyarch has never cared about historical accuracy. Treyarch hit the nail on head with this beautiful game. It offers hours of play. Lit Team Fortress, there are so many different way to play the game. The difference here is, you have different modes instead of different characters. First there is this beautiful campaign that to me complete encapsulates the feeling of war back in the 60’s, giving you the feel that the Russian could win at any point. With Zombies, you get to hold off against the increasing difficult Zombie Nazi forces. Why Zombie Hitler has never been in this mode, I will never know, but he definitely should be. Who doesn't want to fight and kill Zombie Hitler? It’s kinda like playing through the “Aliens,” Movies, who wouldn’t? Then you have the Multiplayer mode of the game, allowing you to call little kids Noobs till your hearts content. I prefer Black Ops to any other multiplayer experience. It feels the freshes, and was the first I got very good at. Once again, don’t waste money on an Xbox or PS3 for this game, if you can buy it for PC, worst case scenario DS or Wii, don't drop $300 just to play this game. Not even the $175 price for the Xbox 360 is worth is for this game.  
Controls : Like a Call of Duty game, but not a copy paste from MW2. After the separation of the two companies,Treyarch decided it was finally time to start exploring new game mechanics. If you ask me, the story’s from Black ops 1 and 2 are the most interesting and creative in the whole series. In MW2 and 3, the story feels very generic, using places that look like the areas of the last game. Treyarch, in my opinion put a lot of redesigning into each game, while Infinity Ward seems to just re tecture. Black ops is quite fun, it feels less like real life, and a lot more like you are playing a video game. People complain that you can’t carry a death machine, or an M60, but it’s video game, Treyarch used real world guns in unworldly ways, because they knew they could create a unique game. Infinity ward tries to keep things realistic, but us gamers don’t care about realism, we want a movie like game experience, with brainwashing, big guns, and evil Russians, not obscure unknown motive Russians.

Story : Bold realistic, but with fun twist’s, like an action movie. Why is it so bad for this game to be so out there? I still don’t get why people want all the realism in their games. I am not a huge shooter fan, I don’t like the idea of upgrading for a gun to a slightly better gun, it’s not very fun. Black ops was the same thing, the thing that kept me playing was the funniest story I have ever played in “Call of Duty game,” The story essentially drops you off in points in history where different things occurred, and it showed you what Mason and his team did during these times. I know Mason and his team is not real, and as far as I am concerned they're story has nothing to do with the historical value of this game. I enjoy it, but can see why other would not. 

This game perfectly blends all the best parts of any shooter, and creates a fun story that has yet to be reason by any CoD game. One reason I refer this game anymore is because the Multiplayer was great and the Zombies add on maps. The game has everything I would want from a Shooter, and no other shooter seems to have the combo of great story, multiplayer and horde mode. I loved to play this game, and this spawned my year long obsession with shooter like “Spec Ops,” and “Gears of War,” and even “Killing Floor.” Not the best shooter, but it still gets more playtime than any other CoD. In the end this game gets a …

Rating: 6 out of 10. Not the best, but very enjoyable.

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