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Pandora's Box 2 : Borderlands 2
Borderlands 2 
Platform : Xbox 360, PS3, PC, (PS Vita ?)

This game is not an expansion on the original. This is a complete original, and makes me happy to be a fan of this series. A lot of people seem to say that this is not a good shooter, or that it is not a very good story, but I have to disagree. I love the RPG factors, I love the guns and I find it to be the most enjoyable shooters of the year. Now I know “Bioshock,” was great, and I loved it, but I cannot help but say, I enjoyed “Borderlands 2,” much more, in all elements. “Borderlands 2,” is an RPG shooter, depicted in a frozen wasteland, years after the events of “Borderlands.” This game improves on the combat, made the enemies more damageable, and made the looting system so much easier. The story is not great, and to be honest it doesn't need to have an amazing story, this game is quite good for anybody who likes gunfighting RPG’s. 

Gameplay : RPG elements and ammo pickups, best in the business. The ammo pick ups don’t force you to enter another screen to loot dead bodies. That keeps the game from taking you out of the Immersion. The guns are a scene in themselves, over the top and ridiculous, kinda like “Saints Row,” but the game also tries to keep it to an almost believable story. The comic book look makes the game even cooler, and brought that story book feel, and animated some cool enemies, and helps to explain the comic like humor. There are so many funny references from “Aliens,” all the way to “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” and it makes the side missions and bonus content so much fun.

Controls : Works well, like “Call of Duty,” but with a lot of special abilities. From getting mounted machine guns, and slow down abilities, to making clones of yourself to bludgeoning bullymongs to death with Hatchets. This game controls like “Call of Duty,” in most system, from the aim and shoot to the pick, to the action button, the knife and the move. Now thats not to say it’s bad, because to be honest it is easier to keep “Call of Duty,” players in your game if you choose not to change your controls ( or if you're like me, make them more similar to “Bioshock Infinite's,”). I don’t defend the copy paste controls, I just feel they work for a game like “ Borderlands 2.”

Story : No big twist’s, and if the one twist was a twist, you have no sense of storytelling. In “Bioshock,” the biggest twist lies, that surprised me and made me honestly scared to continue to play the game. This twist told me everything I had done up until then was pointless, and I only did it because… Well you will just need to play the game and figure it out. I find Borderlands twist was pointless, and added no drama. All that I feel like it did was change the feel of the game from defensive to offensive type gameplay, which was needed. Once you felt powerful enough, you truly felt like it was time to begin going after Handsome Jack. But with all that in mind, this main story is overshadowed by all the cool side content, and voice logs hidden around Pandora, telling all you ever wanted to know about the dried up husk of a planet. 

All in all, this game is quite good, and RPG gun toting sequel that beat out it’s brother, and played better as well. Enemies still took a few too many bullets, and the companion AI never seemed very smart, but with all that considered, the game is still fun. For people like me that don’t enjoy MMO’s or normal RPG type games like “Skyrim,” this game is perfect for you. In my personal, and review position, this game gets an ….

Rating: 8 out of 10. Very enjoyable. 

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