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1st Review:Guitar Hero On Tour DS
Guitar Hero: On tour 
Platform: DS 

 The problem with this game is that it only features pop music, and where I figure I am not the main audience Activation was going for, I still stand by my statement that this game was meant for the 80’s rockers, and children of adults that grew up in the 80’s, but having bands like smash mouth ruins that feeling. To be honest, my music taste supports Guitar hero original, and I would like to review that game and list why I love it, but that's a review for another day. This game only suffers from a few technical and what I like to call guitar hero problems. 

Gameplay: Functional. The idea of the DS peripheral is a good one, but your body was not built to hold it the way the game wants you too. It is next to impossible to sit and play this game for hours on end, the system starts to make your note playing hand cramp, and your strum hand slowly seems to move away for the guitar on screen. At least a few times I have found myself missing notes because I wasn't strumming close enough to the guitar. The “guitar” peripheral completely gets rid of the orange button, limiting you to four notes. That is only a small complaint, seeing as I liked the 5 button feel of the game. The songs are well tracked out, I have never liked how easier songs use less notes, but the songs are okay for a Guitar Hero. Only okay. You can’t buy more, and I usually only boot the game up to play ZZ top or Smashmouth, and that's about it. There aren't enough good 80’s rock songs, or 90’s grunge songs. Somehow they were not able to port my favorite character, Izzy Sparks, but Minor issue. Well there is not a plethora of Characters, guitars, or songs, so game play wise, this game is only worth the buy for Guitar Hero Fanatics. 

Controls: If we are considering the Peripheral the controls, they work, In my opinion better then the guitar, but they are not as comfortable. They work good enough to play through the game, and they do still feel like the guitar controller. Not I just got my DS, and I haven't played this game for 5 hours or anywhere close, so I can’t say the game has no replay value, I personally love to replay through games, but this game’s peripheral make me question if I even want to suffer through the game again to unlock my favorite guitars or character Skins. 

Story: Now I know guitar hero isn't know for it’s story, but I feel that Guitar Hero 1 and Rocks the 80’s( My personal Favorite), have a really good sense of story. While be it vague, it’s a story I can easily relate to. You are a struggling musician, and you slowly work your way up to being the guitar hero. Guitar Hero On Tour, no such sense. You just move from boring venue to venue, and there isn't even a little attempt at a story like in the original Guitar Hero, through the Newspapers. Whether it be because the game is a cheap copy of the series, or because of the DS limitations I don’t know, but I feel like, had there been even the minority of stories or such, I might of cared more for this game. Without the story, I am just suffering through pop culture song after pop culture song My Final thought is basically where I cover what I feel is the main reason this game gets the rating it does. Guitar Hero On Tour is a great bridge game. It is a great time waster, especially when you have no other DS Games. This was my first DS Game, and The be honest, I haven't played it since I got Zubo or Super Princess Peach. It was great time waster for me in my dorm, but other then that, just another game, collecting dust in my DS Case. It’s not a terrible game, but it isn't a true Guitar Hero. Guitar Hero was supposed to be a Rock ‘n’ Roll based game, not a pop culture game. Activision was not happy targeting old 80’s rockers, so they began to go after young kids who like bands like Fall Out Boy, SmashMouth, and Muse. While thats not a bad thing for a music game, it is a bad thing for a Rock and Roll game. Guitar hero On Tour is a great sign that guitar hero desperately wanted to go modern, but their fan base, wanted to live in the past, and that might have been the exact reason that we no longer have Good Guitar Hero’s 

 Rating: 4 out of 10: Play at your own risk.