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Chicken Little: Back in black. Chicken Little: Ace in Action
Chicken Little: Ace in Action 
Platform: PS2, Wii, Ds

To Begin, This game didn't get me because it was a Chicken Little game, Star Trek rip off done right, or because it had planes, tanks, and battle rifles. This was the first game that got me into hardcore shooters, and where some would say I was blinded by Nostalgia, I can counter argue all of it. I have played through this game more times than I can remember, and can’t stress enough, the best part of this video game is replay value. The game is based on the Movie that was made about Chicken Little from the Movie. To make that less confusing, in the movie Chicken Little, a movie was made after Chicken Little save the world from the aliens.In the movie, Chicken Little is the commander of a very star trek esk ship, with his fateful companions, Abby, Mr fish, and The infamous Runt of the Litter. The game is a must have sequel to a movie licensed game. I continue to love it, and in this review I will be going over the PS2 version, as that is the only version I have ever owned 

Gameplay: Tight, and Fun There are four different versions of game play in this game. There is the ground soldier, kinda “Gears of War” esk, a tank, which controls better then the tanks in “Call of Duty World at War”, the space fighter’s, and the Hacking missions. all of these feel unique and never do they get repetitive ( thought there were a few times in the hacking missions I threw the paddle down. Those parts are hard). I remember my brother opening up his Christmas present one year, and this was the game. I remember looking at it and thinking Santa might as well of brought him coal. The thing is, I was wrong. This game, game play wise, is one of the most unique games I've ever played. It reminds me of watching cartoons in the morning on Sundays. Throughout the game their are many different planet that you need to go to. You defeat one big boss, who gives you a hint for a bigger plot later on, and then it’s off to the new planet. Bam, next week on ace in action. I believe that this is one of the most hidden gem game of all time, and once again, go buy it if you have the cash. 

Controls: Very good, responsive One other thing Ace in Action got right, was it’s controls. Now to be honest they are nothing like “Gears of War” but they are very good and functional. all three character have four main fire weapons, a machine gun of some form with unlimited ammunition, and three alt attacks. I believe that these different attacks are what give the game a unique, replay ability. You have to find gun upgrades in order to find different areas, and also you need to find character upgrades. Some may complain that these different weapons and upgrades are just a cheap way to make the game feel longer, because you have to backtrack and replay other areas over and over again, but it made me feel like I was a captain of a ship, remembering where things were, so we could scavenge for treasures later on. The controls beg you to add these things to your roster, because they just make some fun and unique ways for the character to control around, like you can make Runt’s tank freaking fly around like a bloody space ship. I remember having so much fun with this throw away movie licence title, it’s not even funny.

**Spoiler Free** I double piney swear promise 

 Story: Amazingly deep, well as deep as a Chicken Little games story can be As I've said before, the story begins and you are captain Chick ‘n’ Little, and your valiant crew has just picked up a distress signal from the outer ring of the Galaxy, Pluto, a robot run space ultimate security prison. As you finish your Mission there you uncover a much larger plot, being executed by you long time rival, Foxy Loxy. Sound a little like a Saturday cartoon now? I can’t give much more away, but this story leaves me praying for an Ace in Action 2, and after learning there was a Ds release, I believe I want to try that. 

Final thoughts: This is one of Disney's last successful movie licensed games, and I believe next to Aladdin for the NES, is the best Movie licensed game I have ever played. Now a day movie licensed games are cheap cash in’s on half decent movies, and follow the story line of the movie to a tee. With Ace in Action, you don’t get any of that, this game feel like an extension pack to the actual movie, and leaves me wanting a series made just on the Adventures of the SS Heifer and her crew. If you don’t buy this game, at least borrow it from a friend, because this game is very much worth the play through, at least more than once. I have also found that the cheat codes, while they do help you beat it, they detract from the story, and the feel you get from the game. I say use them to unlock the co-op games, and then play through the rest of the game yourself, because it really isn't that hard.  

Rating: 10 out of 10. This game is beautiful.

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