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Day out with the Family, re though out post schedule, and all around good times
To begin, if you are thinking of going to college, going back or completing any form of education, please do it, I am in college right now, and it is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. Secondly, My finals week is almost over, got and essay to pass in and a few make up quizzes for math and I am done, then back to content creating. 

I have come to conclusion that even if nobody reads my blog, I don't care, it's just a fun little way for me to essentially spread my opinion of video games to the world. 

So my break week seems to be filled with spending a lot of time with family, which is good, I'm trying to take it easy, or as easy as I can so I don't burn myself out with this blog, looking for real work, and school.  But yesterday got to watch one of my favorite Christmas specials the Muppet's Christmas Carol, and ate my new favorite Christmas cookie, the Pumpkin Chocolate chip one. Today I visited my Grandfather, and was able to check out Goodwill, which was great (no I did not find any cool games today).

So yeah, I'm not being lazy about updating, I am just making sure to go slow as not to burn myself out, and if you log on and I haven't posted in the morning, expect an afternoon post like I have been doing for the past few days

Good news, I have o many games my younger brothers have let me borrow, and few other's I might be allowed to borrow from my older Sister and her boyfriend to review, mainly PlayStation 2 games, and such. Thankfully I already have about two weeks of content ready to go. My upload days have changed again(make up your mind and stick to it) I will post on Monday, and I will post on Thursday, giving one nice long review to read Monday morning to make yourself feel better, and on Thursday, to round out the week. if I have some big game to talk about in the middle of the week, I might begin writing little reviews in the midst of the week

Yeah so follow on twitter, and I'll see you guys on Monday with a review for one of my new favorite DS games. Go leave me suggestions for games on twitter.