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Gahhden Simulator: Harvest Moon
Harvest Moon 
Platform: Super Nintendo
This is one of the weirdest games I think human-kind could have ever tried to make. Now I like weird games, and I think this is the only way we will get out of this over saturated market with thousands of shooters. Now I don’t dislike shooters either, I just think the market it, as I said, over saturated. To this day I still like to sit down and play a few levels of “Fear,” and even “ Call of Duty Black Ops,” just because I enjoy them. The Super Nintendo brought a lot of really weird games to center stage. Harvest Moon for the Super Nintendo captured my heart, and even though it’s still kinda hard, it is one of the funnest top down, gardening simulators I've ever played. And... One of the only

Game play: Now nobody can go out and say everybody in the world will love this game. The game is adorable,weird, fun, difficult, and time consuming. Now taking all of those adjectives into perspective I need to say, if you have a hard time Gardening in "Minecraft," you will not like this game. There are days in the first game you will wake up, harvest a few plants, water other’s, and the day will be up. If you are looking forward to swaying a girlfriend, it takes a long time. I went right after Maria from the beginning, because she was cute, and it took me till the last year of the game for her to marry me. Yeah last year of the game . This game will only go on for three year, 300 days. It’s just not enough time. This game abruptly ended the first time, with me and my roommate looking at the television screen, then to ourselves, then back to the screen thinking this must of been a mistake. Well if you like a never ending farm experience, I say don’t play this game, but the Game Boy equivalent, “Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral town.” is better, and it never ends. You have plenty of time to sway your virtual girl. Or guy, I won't judge.

Controls: Now why did I suffer through this game and it’s terrible controls, tool switching, and Non existent story? Because I was addicted to the game play. I had originally overlooked the controls of this game, because I was more focus on the game itself. If you can make me focus more on the Game play when you have made a terribly controlled Super Nintendo game, you are doing something quite right. Now the controls are not bad, but the whole tool shed, where you need to swap between about six needed tools, when you can only carry two, will infuriate anybody who didn't like the game play. Now the movement is so simple, it is just like “Pokemon,” or “The Legend of Zelda.” But the difference is, you don’t have a sword, or a cute little creature in your back pack, but a hoe, axe, watering can, scythe, and a hammer. This is simply an rpg, combo with “Farm Hero,” and simply controls like a gardening Game.

Story: I would post a "spoilers are not here warning," but the thing is this game has no story. Really. Nothing. Now understand it’s a life simulator, and I give it bonus points for being one of the only simulator gutsy enough to let the player go to Church and listen to a sermon, so it does not need a story. Now this is one of the first life Simulations, and I think got it right. They didn't bog it down with difficult mechanics. It feels like anybody could pick up the controller and start playing, regardless of prior play experience

This game studio is really good, and has a very interesting history. They made another one of my favorite games, Pocky and Rocky, which I still feel needs a remake in the 21’st century. If you wanna play this game, give it a full on chance, because it is good, and it is very fun. The problem is, someone not committed to the game can easily say it is boring and tedious, and will through it out without anymore though. Well, give it a show, because this game does not fail to at making me intrigued, and where “Friends of Mineral Town,” Is quite simple perfect, this game is so close to perfect, it has earned it’s spot. 

But if you think this is the perfect game for you, go and play it, whether on an emulator, or you run out and but a Game Boy Advanced and Friend of Mineral Town, this is a series that people who like it, need to start supporting it. Liking this game is kinda like being in a cult these days, you don't need to buy the game day one, but you do feel the need to play it for no reason on random days, and you need to sacrifice thousands of hours of your life to it. Animal Parade on the Wii would be fine to purchase, and I do believe a new one is in development for the Wii U. I guess I'll just keep my fingers crossed.

Rating: 8 out of 10. Great Garden simulation.

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