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Next review, and where I see this blog, down the road.
Next review: Coming Thursday, because I am into this new schedule :)

First off, I am so happy to inform you, I am going to be reviewing My favorite series of video games over these next few Thursdays. I have already done one of the games (my lest favorite in the series) but I am going up against the game that gets second for worst game of the series. So yeah, excited for that.

But I have take a step back and looked at the whole blog, and to begin, I don't care if one thousand people read this blog, or two people read it. All I care about is the fact that I have found and outlet for my writing. I love to write, I have since I was a young child in grade school. The thing is, this is a way for me to archive my writings, and learn from my mistakes. English is the class I am worst in, so this is quite easily, the way for me to improve my writing schools, and write about things I love, Video game. So now to the meat and bones of this. 

Over these first few weeks I have been focused on the console I grew up with, but in the next two months, I will be transferring over to more Nintendo games, and Xbox 360 games, which are the consoles I am getting used to now. I am gonna be reviewing the tree big games I have been playing recently for the Wii, but I would like to finish them before jumping into full reviews. So yeah, thanks for reading, and don't forget to subscribe, and follow me on Twitter.