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New Smash Bros. Video, NES Remix, and Cool new things coming out of Nintendo
If you haven't seen it yet, Nintendo has released a new trailer for Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS, which looks cool, and I cannot wait to review it. With this new commercial, we see another set of new playable characters for the new game. It seems like the more characters that get shown, the more I just want mail Nintendo my $60, because it already seems worth it. Just like the last Smash Bros, there is going to be so much extra content, and challenge levels on the new game. 

Also we are starting to see all the great content Nintendo promised us with the Wii U and the 3DS, and all the downloadable content, were as the Wii did not have any DLC. I like Mario cart a lot, and I feel like with every new iteration, it has gotten a little stail. Not boring, just, they all feel so close together. I am looking forward to Mario Kart 8, solely because I feel like this years looks really good. With Pikman 3's DLC train ending, we are getting word on Yoshi's New Island. This game is as cutsie as the last, and Gosh dang it I really want to play it now. Another really good looking title, for all you 3DS owners out there is Chib-Robo, which allows you to take pictures in real life, that work in your game. Also I gotta mention, I think it was brilliant for Nintendo to unleash these new Challegene modes for their old Nintendo Entertinment System titles. It is like playing your favorite old school games, with all new perks. I am most interested to see what will be done with Super Mario titles, and I also am intersted to see if this will move into the Super Nintendo. I urge you to check these links out.

Now for The two biggest things I saw today that excited me, The new Zelda game thingy, and the newest Donkey Kong. Okay, I'll start out on Donkey Kong. The game first of all is very visually appealing, and even though it is no longer made by Rareware, it still seems to have the feel of the original. We have already seen what next gen Donkey Kong looks like on the Wii, and I am ready to see how much good this game actually has under the hood. With all the cool looking bosses and 4 playable characters, this game looks like it is the next best Donkey Kong Country game. With the new Zelda game I was minorly confused. I am not 100% percent sure what the game is, whether it be a mini game, or whether it is a downloadable Wii U ware title, I don’t know. It looks like it will be fun, and I am interested to see how the game pad will be implemented into this, as we have already seen its usefulness in the Wind Waker HD. The game seemed to have a few rough edges with texture, and movement, but other then that, it looks like a really fun title, and I hope it can really show off the superb graphics of the Wii U. Till next time, I will be playing Wii Sports Resort, and I will see you all tomorrow in a new review.