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Americas #1 next favorite Game: Minecraft
Platform : Xbox 360,PC

Now everybody has heard the story of how everybody who has ever seen "Minecraft," for the first time Always says “ This game looks so stupid, and the graphics are terrible." Well at the time I first ever saw this game, I had just gotten my first laptop, and so badly wanted to play it. I'm going to give him a plug, even though he doesn't need it.The first youtuber to me SSoHPKC got me addicted to "Minecraft,". I am nothing short of his fanboy, and I hold the same fanboy status toward his Girlfriend, who I am convinced is his female clone AshhBear. Well back to the story. SSoHPKC first started playing it a few years back, and he thought he was the worst, but to be honest he was quite good. Even from back then I was dying to try to get my hands on this game. Fast forward two years,I'm about 16 years old and I still have never been able to play the game, I am playing a terrible remake called "Total Miners," ( I’m assuming anybody with an Xbox 360, who liked "Minecraft," was playing that) and I loved it. Then Microsoft announces "Minecraft," for the Xbox. Not gonna lie, when I first heard them talking about it, I though they were introducing "Duke Nukem," which didn’t come till a bit latter. "Minecraft," took forever to launch on Xbox Live, but when it did, I had my hands on it within the month. Now I have played very little of the Computer version, so I can’t review it fully, but it runs way better then the Xbox version. If you have a computer, buy that version. This game isn't my most played game, that right still belongs to The Sims 3, but I actually had just booted "Minecraft," up today, so yeah. To the Review.

Game play: Fresh in a day filled with FPS’s, and killing everywhere. This game is kinda like stepping out into a field in the middle of spring. If gives you lungs filled with fresh air, and makes you feel great. Since I don’t feel like I am ruining the story by tell you this, in the beginning of the game you just appear out of nowhere. No I don’t think this is some creationist thing, trying to say prove some other power put Steve there, I just think it’s a cool idea that you just appear. See Notch ( the creator of "Minecraft,") doesn't feel the need to have any text in his game to tell any back story. You just do what you wanna, and don’t question the story. The animals, and the world are a little blocky, but I feel like keeping "Minecraft," simple was one of the best things Notch ever could have done. I really like to take a day or two, and play "Minecraft," just to see how far I can get . Since I've been in college, I've felt the need to come back and play, but I know he minuter I pick up the game, I will be addicted again. Until I beat "Red Steel 2," "Mario Bros. Wii," and "Zelda," I can’t look at it. So yeah, it’s addictive.

Controls: Work well on Xbox, and Mouse. I’m sure everybody has a PC elitist friend, whether it be a well known friend, that annoying rich kid at school, or some guy you work with, they are always saying PC master race, and when you wanna talk about Mario, all they say is “ Mario’s cool, but I would rather be playing "Counterstrike.” Okay maybe I went a little overboard, but I believe I have more fun with the Xbox version. I think the big difference for me is the fact that, when they ported it over to the Xbox, the new features that seem to bog down the game got dropped. We lost all the potions, and XP, and magic stuff. Now I don’t mind that stuff, it’s just cool to have in that alpha-like state again. Today it is pretty much caught up, but I still don’t make potions in the game or kill dragons, I just like to explore, and build a giant house. The game controls the same on both, but the Mouse obviously helps move Steve quicker. I prefer the Mouse on most games, but when I am running away from creepers in "Minecraft," I would rather have a Xbox controller. Now if you're a PC elitist, and you are reading this, I don’t hate you guys, one of my best friends is a PC elitist, and I love you guys. Just gotta take a poke at them sometimes. 

Story: No this is not like Guitar Hero. This game unlike "Guitar Hero," has literally no story. And I bloody love it. This game is awesome and it doesn't need a story. Just poof, and you are on an epic adventure. Notch was really able to do more with Less here. It kinda reminds me of the original "Legend of Zelda." If you were anything like me, you probably skipped the text. I think Shigeru Miyamoto knew Kid’s wouldn't read it, and just put you on that epic first screen on purpose. Now since there is a tutorial for "Minecraft," on the Xbox, I would suggest you start there, but for me, I just started playing, no stupid tutorial for me. I like to adventure and find cool stuff on my own.

This game is one of the most interesting, most basic, but most expressive games I have ever seen. I believe that everybody from you baby brother Dave, to you 79 year old grandmother Julia, would love this game. It is a game so simple, that some would come to think “ Why didn't anybody create this sooner?” I give Notch a lot of credit, and his kick butt team over at Mohjang. I am looking forward to there new projects in the future. 

 Rating: 10 out of 10. This game is very good, and still impresses me to this day. 

Thanks for reading. Sorry for the long rant at the beginning, I hope it didn't get too long. Please don’t forget to subscribe, and follow me on twitter. Don't forget, if you have a game you want me to play, and review just send me a tweet.