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Wii Sports Resort: Christmas Vacation from Nintendo
Wii Sports Resort 
Platform: Wii

With the release of Wii Sports Resort, the Wii had officially ruined it’s credibility. They showed the whole world that the Wii’s motion controls didn’t work and needed to be fixed...That was me a few months back. The Wii released the Wii motion +, and all it did was expand the console. To be honest I still think this game has a lot of replay-ability. The problem isn’t that they needed to upgrade it, they needed to show Microsoft and Sony that their controller was still king. The PS Move and the Kinect will never be able to match up with the fluid feel that you get from this game. I think that the reason this game plays and feels so good, is because Nintendo still to this day is the only company that understands what does and doesn't work with motion controls. Sony and Microsoft quickly tried to jump into the motion controls market, but they don’t understand why the Wii was so good. This game shows us what the Wii motion plus can do, and it is also very addictive, and fun. I am currently working on getting all the stamps for every game, even though a ton of them are luck based, I am still having a lot of fun. 

Gameplay : Responsive and very exhilarating. This game is a Wii owners must have. I feel bad, we got this in our family basket for Christmas a few years back, and I am so glad my Grandmother bought it for us. And now the Wii has been kidnapped, and is being held in my room over winter break. This game gets a good amount of play time now, and I continue to try to play it daily. It supports a lot of mini games, and challenging gameplay. This game is not just a gimmick that makes you feel it’s a throwaway game. This title makes me even more impressed with the Wii console as a whole.Now the game itself responds to the Wii-mote and Wii Motion +, and is able to match your control pattern very well. 

Controls: The best motion controls in the business. Now my logo isn’t based on Nintendo’s because I grew up with them or because they hold a special place in my heart. I wanna run a company like Nintendo. When Wii Motion + was first introduced, people questioned if it would improve the already quality driven Wii-mote. Well, yeah. There are times in this basketball mini-game, that I forget I am actually on the Wii. I know it sounds like a clique, but it feels like you're playing on some Star Trek-esk game. It works so well I suggest that you go out and buy a Wii, or a Wii U, just to play this game. Nintendo innovates, and Sony and Microsoft, two companies who focus on graphics (something that really doesn't matter in game design, it’s all an afterthought) retreat with their tails between their legs and comeback next year with a copy cat. I said it to my Sony loving friends, watch in a year both Microsoft and Sony will be trying to implement 2nd full screens. And nothing like that Dual shock four touch thing, that's kinda copying the worst parts of the Wii U game pad.  

With no story at all, we move on to our final points. I don’t think this game can just be looked over. It would be like looking over Super Mario Bros. 2 just because it was different. There is no need to when the game is so good. This game presents Non-Nintendo based fans to some very fun, NES type challenge. What I mean by that is your not competing to earn stamps to show off on your gamertag, you earn them to challenge how good you are at games. And in my personal opinion, that is what video games should be. I don’t mean to sound too biased ( even though I will because I really like Nintendo) this game really is fun, and I think that people everywhere should play this game. It’s fun, challenging, rewarding, and a great game to play on a rainy (or my case up here in Maine in December) a snowy day. Please go pick up your copy, and enjoy a very family friendly Holiday Season!

Rating: 9 out of 10. Great buy, tons of fun.

Thanks for reading everybody, and Merry Christmas. We are quite literally two days away, and I am quite excited. So follow me on twitter, suggest me a few games. To be honest I'm gonna play a game and write a review today, then I'm off until Friday. There will be a post on Thursday, whether your at home,or on the road, it will be there to read. So be careful, Drink responsibly, and Have a very happy Holiday season, and a very Merry Christmas to you.