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Top 5 Games I found in 2013
I was going to do my top ten games of 2013, but then realized I don’t play enough new games to even have a top 5 list of new games. I usually like to sink into older series that have been out for years, and really get into those. Then I thought about it a little bit more and figured out the perfect list for me. When I find a new video game, It usually is a classic game. I am hoping for Next Gen console for Christmas, but I really can’t promise anything. So with that I am going to go over the top 5 games that I discovered over the past year. Now I’ve been known to get addicted to the Sims 3, and it consumes a lot of my time, but sadly I cannot put that on my list because I began playing last summer If the time span doesn’t match up, it’s because when I wasn’t playing any of these five game, it was the Sims 3. Other games that took up some time in 2013, where, CoD Nuketown Zombies, Far Cry 3, Fallout New Vegas, and Gears of War. Now that I got that beginning out of the way, Let's delve into how I’ve wasted… I mean spent a good amount of my time in 2013.

  • 5 - Game Dev Tycoon : My list starts out with one of the first games to prove how much pirating hurts, but my story with the game starts kinda grim. I found a completely free, completely working copy of this game on a website I now refuse to use, and this game helped me see the light. Now I don’t play a lot of new games, and this is one I was sad I didn’t buy sooner. I felt bad and deleted the illegal version the minute I found out that this was a new company's first game. I now own my own copy of it on steam, and am eagerly awaiting new updates. The way I like to play it is I pretend I am a 2nd party development company for Nintendo. I have sunk 24 hour into it, and I’ve only had if for one month. Imagine when I’ve had it for a year. I think I will have more than a month into the game. 

  • 4 - Bioshock Infinite : I flip flopped a lot on this one, because to be honest, there were times I did not enjoy this game. I loved the story, very good, I really liked it, not as much as the original, but I still liked it. The religions undertones in this game do a great job to make the player feel uncomfortable. This man Zackery Combstock has taken Christianity, and slanted it into a very bigoted, evil community, and it is great. It almost makes me think that this is what would become of people if they were in a negative, racist community. I played it on normal difficulty, and there were times, like Lady Comb Stocks battle, and the part with the boys of silence, I had really bad times. It was bad news panda bears, no doubt. Now the game is a unique experience, that everybody needs to experience, and if you havent, please do. I sunk at least two days into the game, beating the storyline at least two times, maybe three. It all gets a little Hazy. Any way, this game is worth every penny. 

  • 3 - Super Mario World : I just had to find a place on this list for this game. While I still have never played this on a true Super Nintendo, I have played hour of it on my computer. To be honest, I would have waited to play it on the Nintendo, but I would rather play hacks of the game. I really enjoy this game, and even ask my roommates, I play a little too much of this game. Oh, and if you do plan to play this on a computer, please use anything but a Xbox 360 controller, because it just doesn't feel right 

  • 2 - Wii Sports Resort : While I quite literally just discovered this game last week, it needs to get put on this list. It has so much replayability, I believe I will be playing this game well into next year. I am on a mission to get all the stamps, and it is quite fun to challenge yourself with this game. I suggest very heavily, please try this game out, yes it seems like a gimmick, but it is not. 

  • 1 - Harvest Moon : Now I finally get to give a little rant about this game. This is quite possible the worst game I have played all years. It was my first semester of College, and I was about 5 weeks deep, and I had just ordered a computer hook-up for my xbox controller to began playing Super Mario World on my computer. Well I was searching through Super Nintendo Roms, and just so happened upon this beautiful game. I bought it later for the Wii Ware ( I still have the Wii kidnapped in my room) so that I could waste so many more hours into this game. It took me about five days to playthrough the whole game the first time (as I complained about in my review it just sorta ends one day) but it is so worth a play, and is the best place to start to get into the Harvest Moon series. This is what I like to call a gateway game, into a great series of awesome games. I also sank too much time into Harvest Moon : Friends of Mineral Town, just as good, and it never ends, helping keep my addiction going into another great year 

  • Games I wish I could have put on this list, but have never played : FTL, Starbound, Super Mario 3D World, Legend of Zelda: A link Between Worlds, Payday the Heist 2, Prison Tycoon 3,Plants vs. Zombies, Luigi’s Mansion, and Army of Two, The Devils Cartel. 
  • Games I should have put on here, but didn’t : Red Steel 2, Killing Floor, Payday the Heist,The Amazing World of Gumball the Game ( Which really should exist).

God Bless, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and thank you for reading.