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The Day has come: Guitar Hero 2 : The dark times
Guitar Hero II 
Platform: PS2, Xbox 360 

To begin, some might complain that I should have started with the first game of the series, or that I should do the best one first. If you have ever written an argumentative paper for english in college, you would know you start out with the worst part of your argument. I have no way in the world to argue this game. It is one of the worst music based video games, and it is also a terrible follow up to the original. Well what is so wrong with it? It doesn't follow in the best things of it’s predecessors footsteps, it feels rushed, song choice, and song distribution throughout the levels is terrible, and the idea that they can perfect the hammer-ons and pull-offs, but ruin the one thing that made the game good, the music, the atmosphere, and the extras I actually wanted to buy. I wanted to meet the development, and music team behind it all. At the end of this game (which now I’ve played through twice so I could give it a second fair chance over a year later) I wanted to burn this copy, an hope to never see it again. The game is technically gameplay wise better then it’s predecessor, but is missing the music it needs to be the best. And I really think that’s what is holding this game back, is the terrible music selection. 

Gameplay: Music reeks of “ Trying to reach out to the kids.” Not only is it a bad idea to go after modern music fans with this game, it’s a bad idea to leave behind the people that bought the first game off its basis of gameplay. Gameplay wise, it is the same as Guitar hero one, looks good, you have a “highway,” in the middle of the screen, and notes come flying down the highway, and using the Playstation 2 controller (my personal favorite) of the guitar peripheral, you destroy the little note. As long as you didn’t like Xaveir Stone from the first game, all your favorite characters are here, the only problem is, each and every one of them is dressed up in very cheap rehashes of themselves from the last game. There are a few new characters, but I really didn’t pay attention to them, Just pick Izzy Sparks, and I’m on my way.. The guitars, a few extra’s but pretty much the same, but they removed my favorite guitar skin. The Moderne flying dragon skin. I loved it, and they killed it off, so young into it’s childhood. I will always love you dragon Moderne. The song selection is so slim, I don’t even enjoy booting this game up. Now I know that they have My favorite band on this game, Van Halen, but the songs that are good, all seem to suffer from really bad Tracking. The video about music, where you are supposed to be playing the same notes from the song, has really bad note tracking! That is not good for a music game. Now what I mean is sometimes in some of these songs you might play notes that aren't there, or in the Van Halen song’s case, has the Guitar playing some of David lee Roth’s vocals. Dear gosh it bugs me, and I would like to never see this game every again. Co-op does not even save this game, me and my brother have played very little of this, passing up to play the same songs over and over again on “Guitar Hero Rocks The 80’s.”

Controls: For a guitar hero game, pretty good. As I already explained, I like to play this with a Playstation 2 controller. I didn’t explain why. I feel like most of the Difficulty of this game comes from the awkward guitar. The reason I said I liked the DS Guitar Hero is because, the difficulty came from the hard tracking, not cheap difficulty through a peripheral that hurts my hand to use. The controller was easy to use, even when a wild orange appeared. I don’t dislike the guitar controller, I just feel they made some songs harder to play on it, just for some cheap difficult. I don’t think you should have to be the best guitar hero player to play through the game on the hardest difficulty, you should be able to beat it with enough training, and I have been playing for years, and still really stink at Hard, but I will keep trying, even if the game seems to be cheap with its note placement at times.

Story: Better than DS, not as good as original. If you have read my first review ever, you would know that I didn’t like the fact that there was no stupid underlying story in the DS game. Now before the pitchforks come to my door, I know there is no story in Guitar hero, but in this game, there is. You are a struggling band, that finally begins to gain ground after a stellar concert at your High schools battle of the band. You move on, and get hired to play in a pub in Boston. While it is paper thin at best, it isn’t bad. Yet the little cutscenes don't help take away I am playing Rage Against the Machine, or A7X( not that I don’t like A7X, I just like Queen, and Van Halen a lot more). This same story was implemented into Guitar Hero Rocks the 80's, but with the 80's music, it worked better. Today, it this world it's make it, or don't. It impossible to work your way up as a rock band today, that's why it just feels silly in a game with all this modern rock.

This game could have been great. I will talk more about why it was a stupid move for “Guitar Hero,” to move in this direction next week, but to be honerst, if you make a Rock ‘n’ Roll game, you need every track to be either 80’s Rock, or 90’s Metal, like Metallica or Megadeth. You can’t have the stone temple pilots and one of my favorite silly tracks, Iggy Pop and the stooges. Seriously, David Bowie was Great in the first, but Iggy Pop does not a good rock game make. The thing is, people that listened to 80’s music bought the first game for their kids so their kids could start at a young age listening to the best of the best. Now this is where I have a problem. This game is rated T for teen, like Destroy All Humans. Guitar Hero has no death, killing. The only problem is, there is a slight possibility all your fans in the stands are drunk. Whatever though, it was made for a younger audience so that adults could pop their kids in front of it and have them learn about bands like David Bowie, Queen, and Deep Purple. All the good bands brought to Guitar Hero II sounded old, and didn’t have the same sound as the actual record did. Even The Police cover sounded cheap, and bad. I really don’t like this game, and I believe it deserves a one, but I will be nice, and give this game a…

Rating: 3 out of 10. Please don’t ever, ever play this game, it is like the Van Halen 3 of Guitar heroes.

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