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Sorry, Had a busy day yesterday but...
Merry Christmas, I had an amazing on. To start off I saw all the family I don't see every year (Minus a few cousin :( ) But I am back. MY Guitar hero review is being turned into a three part series, where I am looking at the first three games in the series, all made within a year of each other. So yeah, thanks for your continued support. 

Now for the big announcement. With the coming of Santa Clause to my house, we have now acquired a Wii U, with The Legend of Zelda Windwaker.  With my Zelda tradition, I need to complete it before I review it, but I will be doing a Wii U and a WindWaker Review, sometime in the Near future. Also Twilight Princess is almost finished, and when i is there will be a review for it.

Also, my Mother, sneakily of course, figured out I wanted two DS games, and bought them for me. To be honest, I love my DS, but these two games make me want to send my every waking Moment on Kingdom Hearts Re Coded, and Super Scribblenauts. Also I have tons of reviews to write, The Two games to beat, so yeah, getting back to work full time this week. Expect two more guitar hero reviews, and a lot more Microsoft and Nintendo games in 2014. I also have a top five games I looking forward to in 2014, and a secret top ten that should be up by next Thursday, New years. 

Once again, thanks so much for your continued support, whether you just pitty followed me, or you read my reviews I don't truly care, because like I said I enjoy it and it gives me something to do. The idea that I would post a review of a game like Guitar hero or Chicken little and have as many readers as I did, I just can't believe it, so thanks so much, and let Play Too Review live on into 2014.