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Top 5 Things I'm looking Forward to in 2014
So with the best games I found in 2013, we move on to what am I most looking forward to in 2014. Well, I hope this will be a big year for me, and Video games in General. Our family now owns a Wii U, and dependent on how long it takes for me to get a job, and buy a Wii U, I don’t really know how much longer I’ll be around at home. But to digress, this is gonna be a great year for not only me, but for gaming as well. Nintendo, and Activision are two companies I am paying a great deal of attention to, because Nintendo has a lot of great looking games coming out, and I am just hoping that Destiny comes to Wii U and doesn't stink as much as I feel it will. Ah well, to the list. Contact me on Tumblr, tell me the top 5 games you're looking forward to this year.

  • 5 - Yoshi’s New Island : Now this game is so cute, how could I not put it on this list. I cannot wait to get a 3DS and play through this game. Yoshi is once again adorable, and he just makes me feel great. I don’t have too much to say about it, just really looking forward to it. 

  • 4 - A New IP from Activision : Now I don’t usually harp on first person shooters, but for the new year, I will. Activision used to pump out great title, like Guitar hero, and they used to work with so many good companies,m and produce a lot of good games. Back in the PS2 era their name was on a large amount of games. If they put two minutes aside a day, and brainstormed a new idea, they would have a kick butt new game in no time. Gosh dang, just make something without guns for a change Activision. When Ghost’s commercial first came out, I was really hoping for some kinda ancient warrior simulation, but all I got was a rehash of last year. Please Activision, at least give it a thought  

  • 3 - A New Zelda Announcement/ E3 : To begin, it is not that I’m not excited that Hyrules Warriors is coming out for the Wii U, but I really want a new Wii U Zelda. There is a new one coming down the pipe, but it hasn’t been talked about on Nintendo Direct for a little while. Microsoft continues to advertise Halo 5, and other games that are no where close to being complete. Nintendo, I am already hooked on this series, just give an estimation on when it will be released. And this will be the first ever E3 that I have a dog in. I finally have one console to rout for. I am also ready to get excited about the new games Nintendo is sure to announce.

  • 2 - Animal Crossing/ 3DS : This is the only game on my list that is already out. I don’t own a 3DS, and I know this game has been out for a little while, but I am keeping myself from watching any game play. I hear the whole series is great, and I am quite ready to del ve into this great looking game.  

  • 1 - Super Smash Bros. Wii U/ 3DS : To start off Sakuri is an amazing game designer, who I am hoping will have a new IP soon. Sure Nintendo has seen to sticking to older characters that we all know and love, but Sakuri is the future of Nintendo’s new games. Miyamoto, I love your games, but I think you make the old IP’s even better than their original version. Not to say Miyamoto could not Innovate, but he has honestly done enough. Now Smash Bros. Wii U looks like one of the best action, Nintendo Fanboy, fighting game I’ve ever seen. With the predicted roster of Smash Bros. already being large, I am ready to dive into the Ring as Villager, Luigi, Toon Link, and one of my personal Favorites, Yoshi. The game looks like it will show off the best graphics of the Wii U and the 3DS respectively. It’s gonna be good, I just know it.

  • Honorable Mentions: New Borderlands Announcement, Next Bioshock DLC/ New game,to sum it up anything from 2K, Sims 4, A Kid friendly game from Naughty Dog, or Insomniacs, New Square Enix Games,and Fallout 4. I am hoping we will see a shift in this young adult based media focus, and we get back to the basics. I know it’s quite unlikely, but I can dream.

  • Games I am not looking forward to: Next CoD, anything from EA, Anything to do with FPS.