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De,De,De,De, Depression High School : Guitar Hero
Guitar Hero 
Platform : PS2 

 Now we get to the heavy hitters. While Guitar Hero built a beautiful foundation in which generations of great rhythm Rock and Roll games could have come from. But then Guitar Hero 2 tears it all down. Guitar Hero has everything. Music? Check. Great characters? Check. Interesting venues? Check. The animation style is so creative, with No sharp edges. The stages have a lot of development put into them, and I believe this game is one of the best of the whole series. Better than three, any of the band based ones (yes even the amazing Van Halen aren't as good as this game), and even World tour. By the time that Activision tried to go back to rock with Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock, it was much too late. All the fans that had liked the series for it’s rock and roll vibe (including me) had moved on to bigger, badder games.Yes, by Badder, I mean worse. I tried to find a Guitar Hero equivalent for years, and never did. There is really nothing that beats the first and third game (by third I mean Rocks the 80’s, not Guitar Hero 3). I cannot express enough how this is a must play for anybody that has ever played a rhythm game, because this one lays the groundwork for what makes A Rock and Roll, and lets get that under our belt here really quick this is a rock and roll rhythm game so good. The more I play Guitar Hero, the more I feel this would have been the biggest arcade machine had it been made back in the 80’s. The music chosen for the game (Yes even the Alternative Music) is so good. Even songs I would think I wouldn’t like sound so good. I feel like the team changed tones, and changed certain notes to give every single song a rock and roll vibe. I personally love this game, it is one of the games that helped me cope with my less than stellar High School experience, and it just makes me remember back when Big City’s and rock bands were so amazing to young me.

Gameplay : Solid, but those Hammer-ons and Pull-offs are a pain in the butt. If you don’t know what that means, look it up because I don’t have time to explain, but the Hammer-ons and the Pull-offs don’t work in this game. They work in Guitar hero 2 and Rocks the 80’s, but they don’t subtract from the game itself too much, it just makes it so much harder to go backwards, from two to the original. The Notes, and the tracking are very well done. The covers feel like they were made by the band in the game. It makes the whole “story,” of the game that much more believable. These venues you can play at are my 100% favorite in Guitar hero. If I did a top ten list, and I just might some day, of my top 10 guitar hero venues, every last one of these would be in the top 6. This game is the only game in the series that I prefer to use the guitar and not the Dualshock 2 controller. The gameplay of this game is completely solid, and the controller adds to the amazing gameplay.

Controls : Work well, no delay, great controller. I feel like the guitar controller was built for this game, and the only other game it felt like activision built around the controller is rocks the 80’s. Like I had said, Guitar Hero 2 was much too difficult, even with practice, but I have been getting better at Guitar Hero. If you cannot get better at the game, it is not good. A game should be based more on learning a skill, and perfecting it, not luck and spastic hand movement. I think Guitar Hero should come out with an HD remake of this game, and remake the old controller, and I would buy it.

Story : No there is no real story, but it is fun to make up your own. When I was a child and I first got this game, I had just bought my first ever The Kinks album. I remember plugging my Playstation 2 Slim into my Stereo, and rocking out to Joan Jett, all while eating some delicious buffalo chicken pizza. I can remember looking at the little news articles between the venues made me really believe I was in a band, playing through the career of these musicians. I swear this is the last time I say this, but Guitar Hero has no real story, but I love the no real story. It gave me a reason to switch characters, play songs I disliked, replay the bonus songs over and over again, and play in all the venues, and pretend like you just tour around this town. I was able to pretend I was a band playing in the big city near me, and I really love the feel of this game.

I realize by now most people would be bored to tears by guitar hero, but it was the series that kept me out of depression throughout High School. Spoiler alert, the only two reasons I continued to function throughout High School was SSoHPKC, and Videos Games. When I had a really crappy day at school ( which might just of been every day) I would come home and pop in this game and play the day away. People used to ask me why I didn’t give a dang about Homework in High School, and it was because High School doesn't care if you have outside interests, they just want you to go home and do homework. So to digress, this game is a great time waster. To be honest I do feel one day I might need to get off my chest why High School was so bad, but until then, please, I am willing to say homework in this day is useless, learn in class, do as much as you can in school, and at home, let off steam, play video games, read, please don’t allow school to make you go insane. I spent a whole summer, depressed because I was wasting away in High School. This game is my steam-letter-offer, so yeah.This game is quite good, as much as I try to come at this game from a review perspective, I have a hard time because it has brought me out of a terrible part of my life. I feel a bit better after talking about this game, and now I feel like I can give this game a very solid… 

 Rating: 9 out of 10. Great game, I love everything about it.

Hey, you finished, thanks. Sorry about yet another longer review, but I had a lot to say about this game, so yeah. Follow me on twitter, and I have a tumblr, but that is much more for you to talk to me. If you have a game for me to review, tell me at either one of those spots