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80's Hair Metal : Guitar Hero Encore Rocks the 80's
Guitar Hero : Encore Rocks the 80’s 
Platform : PS2

Now we get to the end of the line, and in my opinion the best Guitar Hero game to date. This is the last of Harmonics games aimed at rock and roll, before the catastrophe of the rockband and Guitar hero games. Both miserable experience for me and the guitar hero fans. No more did the music matter, now it was getting as many people to play as possible. Rocks the 80’s focused on the beautiful idea that rock and roll should be the focus of these games. Four band play was cool, but without rock and roll, I was out. I haven't returned to these 4 party fake rock and roll game, and probably never will. But back to Rocks the 80’s. Most call this a cheap and rushed money cash in, but to be honest, that is only half true. Not only is it completely the best game in the series, it is also one of the most immersive, and fun games in the series. While, it does seem to have the cheap difficulty, it is so much better than Guitar Hero 2, which is so boring, and too modern for my taste. This will finally put Guitar hero 2 in it’s place ( hopefully in a fire) and put Guitar hero and Guitar hero rocks the 80’s on the pedestal of best rhythm games from the PS2 era. 

Gameplay: Just like “Guitar hero 2,” but with amazing music. How can this game be better, I mean, “Guitar Hero 2,” had Van Halen, your favorite Band? I know, Van Halen is my favorite band, and the only one I have ever seen in concert, but still, “Guitar Hero Rocks the 80’s,” hit the music on the head. People didn’t wanna play miserable attempts at covers, we wanted unique sounding, original and strong covers of rock and roll classics such as Dio, Ratt, and even Billy Squier. I still don’t understand why so many people dislike this powerful music, but I guess heavy metal and mullets was just the way I was raised. But still, this game and “ Guitar Hero,” got the most amount of playtime in my Playstation 2. I remember buying this game at the Gamestop in the Mall in Portland, and then going to see Iron Man 2 in theaters. All I could think of is when I would get home and play this game. We got home, I popped in the game, and played “Metal Health,” by quiet riot ( this was before I had played Guitar Hero 2) and realized this was the best “Guitar Hero,” Game I had ever played. My philosophy is that, if you make a good cover, that I wanna listen to the real song, but in the case of guitar hero 1, the covers were better than the real music. In Guitar Hero 2 the songs were worse than the real music. I believe that wave group hit Guitar Hero Rocks the 80’s right on the head when it comes to music. 

Controls : Again, better than “Guitar hero 2,” but plays like “Guitar Hero.” This game feels like Activision realized that cheap difficult did not improve Guitar Hero 2, so they took it out, and helped you feel like you were playing a game about a guitar, not an acquired peripheral. I will say again, Guitar Hero 2 worked the worst with the peripheral, and thats why new plastic guitars were made around the time of guitar hero 3. It didn't fix the problem, but it at least showed effort. But yeah this game controls really well, and the beautiful music just makes me love it more. Hammer-ons and Pull-offs are the best they have ever been. Solos never feel too hard, but with practice you feel as if you could master them easily.

Story : Please stop!!! I hate that I included this in the DS version because now I have to reiterate every time I do a Guitar Hero game ( which hopefully this is the last one I do) that the story is up to your imagination. If you are like me and you get immersed and pretend you are in the band that is up on stage, well you will enjoy the story, if not, you can see calling what occurs in the game a story is quite Ridiculous. 

I love how I was able to review all through all three of these game, and I still enjoy them, well except for 2. This series is still worth a play through even though they all three feel quite out dated, but the game controls like every other Guitar Hero Game. Some people complain that Rocks the 80’s was made too quickly after “Guitar Hero 2,” but to be honest, this game feels better than “Guitar Hero 2.” Like I already said the covers are as good as their real world counterparts. The Romantics sued Guitar Hero because they felt that Wave Group had covered their song too well, to the point where they sounded just like the real song. This lead fans of the band to believe that The Romantics supported Guitar Hero. That should go to tell how great the songs in this game are. This is the best of the series, and I love it so much. This game gets an…

Rating: 9 out of 10. Greatest rhythm game, not the game I wanna play for the rest of my though. 

And with that, not another game was reviewed by Play Too Reviews, and hopefully never would be again. But, yeah, Guitar Hero remains one of my favorite games on the PS2, and I hope I have been able to explained my reasoning. If you want you can click over to the main page, and follow this blog. Also, hop over to my twitter and follow me there. If you have any questions or games you feel I should walk through, send me a tweet over at Twitter, and I have a Tumblr for questions too. Thanks for reading