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Aliens Invasion : Destroy All Humans
Destroy All Humans 
Platform : PS2, Xbox

Now I gotta warn, there will be a profane word in this review, but the game said it. Now I raise the argument that teen video games should not be able to swear openly. I would not let my teen play this game, more for the killing of people in graphic ways, but still, cursing is not needed to make a game seem more real. The esrb rating should not allow teen games to have open swearing because teenagers do not need to hear profanity, just because America thinks it is okay. Now lets get to the actual review. 

Game play: Good, little too graphic for teen. I was dropped off my shuttle to find I could fling cows at other cows, and knock them over, and you can imagine how hard I laughed. The not more than a few minutes later, I was blowing up a farmers head! Dear gosh, I thought this was for teenagers. Apparently if you change blood to green, it makes it A okay for teens. This is not acceptable, and I think even pandemic was shocked at this rating. All I can say is that the cop dropping @$$ shocked me so much, I almost stopped playing. For some reason I have no problem slicing bokoblins to death, but the minute a cop is swearing in my T for Teen game, I am done. The game didn't hold me enough, even though it was funny, and had movie references everywhere, I would rather play Zelda then this game, but that applies to most games. This game is great for young adults, but I think 13 is a little young to begin exposing teens to this game. There is blood, and there is swearing. The gameplay is fun, and there a lot of cool game mechanics, like the spaceship and it’s multiple docking stations, the house destroying missions, and speaking to the cows. I loved it, very humorous. 

Controls: Strong, very good, added to the game. This control scheme is the traditional one everybody expects on the PS2. It works well, and is so easy to mold to the third person shooter scheme and play this game for hours. As much as I complain about the unneeded profanity, I do really like this game, and the control’s make the game very good. Not a bad control scheme for the game it definitely knows it is.

 **Spoiler intolerant? don't worry, none here**

Story: Okay, makes sense, Area 51 enthusiast enjoy. This story is pretty cool. I liked it, and the main bad guy(your boss) depending on who you count as the bad guy, is pretty cool. There is no reason to pass this game up, it controls like any other third person shooter, the missions add very little to the story. This isn’t a bad thing, it kinda makes me think of the cult classic “Mars Attack.” I think this game definitely should get a play through, it’s not the best game ever, or the worst, and it’s not gorey like “Gears of War,” or “God of War,” (seriously, what's with war and unneeded gore), but this game is a great game for teens in their high school experience, and can be a great time waster, but I am worried this can easily be turned into a school shooter Simulator, so giving to teen younger the High school, is kinda dumb.  

The problem I have with this game is you can still kill innocent people and their head explode, which was unneeded. If you would like to argue that this game doesn't influences people, I let my little brother play “Bully,”, and the second he figured out he could, he went around beating up innocent people. And yes he did the same thing with this. The problem with these games is they make it easy and fun to hurt innocents, and this is one of the first games I’ve played where they encourage you to kill innocent people to collect dna. Why could the character just knock people out, and steal a little bit of the dna. I look at pandemic more for my favorite combat simulator, “Star Wars : Battlefront II,” and don’t really wish to play this game again. I have no problem with shooters, I still love “Gears of War,” and “Call of Duty,” but those games (save Cod MW2) don’t have you slaughtering family’s. Yes they are digital peep’s, but that doesn't change the fact that this game allows some crazy unneeded things. “Mercenaries,” one and two both will not allow you kill civilians. It’s not like, a voice comes on the radio and tells you not to, the game will not let you. This discourages anybody going around and shooting people. I think that is the third person Pandemic game of choice. Please don’t take it personally, but this game really got me mad, and I was kinda offended by the progression of this game. Whatever, I guess T for teen mean graphic content that leads a 19 year old to be disturbed is okay for any young impressionable child these days 

Rating: 4 out of 5. Please play this game, but only if your about 16! 

 Yeah so twitter, Tumblr, follow the blog, and hopefully I will get to some better games that I can enjoy. Look for more reviews, Monday and Thursday, and yeah thanks for reading. If you have a game you think I should review, please sent me a message on twitter. :)