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Robo-overlord : Robotech : Battlecry
Robotech: BattleCry 
Platform : PS2, Gamecube, Xbox 

 To start this game is in my house on both systems, but as far as I can tell neither is better than the other. They both look good and play well enough. this is the kinda game you should buy, with the idea full well in mind you may not beat it, and you may not have fun with it. It all comes down to your taste, and the way you like your giant robot fighting game served up.

Game play: Tight flight Simulator/ Transformers clone. The game is fun for a little while, but I am not convinced it is the best airplane shooter. I have played “ Blazing Angels 2” and feel this game is just not as good. While “Blazing Angels” isn’t my favorite game, I still play it from time to time for its awesome WWII history, and flying amazing WWII fighter planes. This game has none of that. That doesn't mean it’s bad, just a lot simpler in the plane aspect. But what this game has that that one doesn't that makes it very exciting, is your plane can transform into a freaking robot of doom and gloom. This is what is great about the game play, and if you grew up glued to the Transformers, like I did, you might very well like this game.

Controls: A bit disorienting at first, but strong, and simple. The idea of double hitting a certain button to change into a Airplane, then back to a flying Jager like machine, then back to a plane got me at first, but once you learn to go along with, it is not too bad. This game definitely is only for people who really like to play plane simulation/air warfare games.

Story. I still can’t believe this is real. I praise the unique gameplay of this game, even back in the Playstation 2 era this was very unique, and shows why the system is good. The controls feel like I am the pilot of these future robot, plane hybrids, and it is fun. The big problem is the voice acting, and the story itself. The story is so silly, the robots tech is title Robotech. Very creative name guys, thats a wrap, ship the game. I just feel like this suffers from Naruto-syndrome. What I mean by that, is I feel that this was an amazing Japanese game, but the voice acting and plot of the story was lost in translation to North America. I have no idea where the game originates from, the Wikipedia was no help, but the game is not bad.The voice acting makes Resident Evils voice actors sound like pro’s. Okay maybe they aren't that bad, but there were a few times I found myself laughing at how comical it was to watch some of these silly cut scenes with crummy voice acting. In my opinion, skip the cut scenes, and make up your own epic adventure story 

 The Game is good, and if you like plane flying sighting rock-em sock-em robots games, buy it because it is kinda fun for a simple game mechanic. I think that I will return to it a few times, but is by no means some hidden gem 5/5 game. The ps2 had a lot of games like this, good games that might of gotten looked over because back in the day PS2 games seemed to come out every other day, and now a day it’s even crazier. A lot of good games that are being discovered today, and this is one that definitely is fun enough to work its way into any collectors game catalog. 

 Rating: 6 out of 10. Not bad, Average PS2 title. Fun! 

 Question? Comment? Well you can leave both over at my twitter account, and also if you have a hidden gem, or even a bad game you want me to review, just shoot me a message and I will definitely look into it.