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War helmet on-Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2
Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2
Platform : Xbox 360, PS3, PC 

I first played this game on my Xbox about three years ago around November. I remember Call of Duty : Black ops dropping and I wanted it so bad. We went to Target and I was staring at the game. All of that was because of this game. I am not like most other gamers. I love Call of Duty MW2 and Black ops, but I hate a lot of other first-person shooters. Some of the big other games I liked where Bulletstorm, Bioshock, Borderlands, and even Homefront. But yeah, I remember my cousin forcing me to play spec ops, when all I ever wanted to play was Multiplayer. That is one of the sole reasons I dislike Spec Ops missions in CoD games now. I just have so many bad memories of being forced to play this game I didn’t wanna. I got headaches, and at about 10 o’clock he would finally say “ So you still wanna play multiplayer?” No I don’t wanna play bloody multiplayer. Now I just sit in the offline option of my Xbox live account and play CoD alone so he won't try to jump into a game, because he likes playing small team, I like large team. But to digress, this game is quite honestly my favorite. I know PeanutButterGamer has said many times the story was too ridiculous for him, but at the time I first played this I was super into Megadeth and Metallica, where EMP’s and apocalypse where in every lyric, so I was into the story. Funny side note, I am listening to Megadeth’s Family tree at the time of writing this, so thats kinda ironic. I personally hate that word, ironic, but whatevs, overused word go. 

Gameplay : Very solid, even for a first person shooter. The gameplay feels balanced enough for me, even though people complain about “Noob Tubes,” and Quick Scoping, but to be honest, in my opinion those things made sense to have that much power, because look at their real world equivalent. A sniper rifle should be a point and kill weapon, and I give credit to anybody out there who is skilled with the sniper, because they can do some cool things. Though some guys who do that stuff make the Gameplay kinda look immature. The actual missions in the game are fun, and in my opinion are funny and out there. To be honest, if your gonna make a war game, make it as out there as possible, because the more serious it is, the more like the real world it is, the more boring, and un-fun the game is.  

Controls : Tight controls. Companies who try to copy CoD, like Battlefield ( This is kinda a troll, kinda not) forgot to copy the best part. To many times in Battlefield, or Metal of Honor ( the new one not the old ones, old ones rocked) I felt like the input was delayed, or just not as tight. Personal opinion. I love how people who like Battlefield go after guys who like CoD, just play what you wanna play, and if you don’t like it don’t play it. Don’t talk stuff on it, but give back constructive criticism. Not “ This game is poop and deserves to burn because of it.” It’s a game guys. But yeah, this was the control scheme I was most used to in later game, and I am just so used to being able to jump into Multiplayer, play a few legit games, and jump off, no angrier, or tired than before. While Black ops 2 felt like a chore for me to play, Modern Warfare 3 just angered me on so many levels. And that is why I will never review those games. But Yeah, out of the whole series, MW2 and CoD 4, the controls are the tightest.  

Story : Ridiculous, funny, and to be honest the first ever comedy like war game. Was it supposed to be serious. I really hope not. The story was so ridiculous. Why in the world did they think I cared about Ghost, or Private Allen. I didn’t. and the Nuke, was kinda silly. I love how so long after we were locked with the Russia, we finally make them the enemy in a game. I mean, why are we not at war with China in the game? Because thats to real? I doubt it, they had the whole damn scene about the people getting shot down in an airport. You can’t tell me that activision really is that sensitive. Was it because it is easier for you to animate snow. Probibly. I don’t like talking about war game, I hate them unless we are fighting aliens in them, but you see being a history major, I find war games about the future quite stupid.   

So to conclude this, don’t take anything in this game too seriously, it is fun, it is the game that got me to actually like multiplayer, but it is not the best war game. Infinity Ward likes to go very realistic, but to be honest, they have made some silly games trying to be realistic. The guns are quite realistic, but that does not make a realistic war simulator. If that is what you want, go play Arma, but for ridiculous Multiplayer shooter fun, this is your game to play with friends. 

 Rating: 4 out of 10. Average Shooter for the Xbox.

Hey, Thanks guys, hey the schedule of upload is gonna change a bit, I will share this on Twitter later on, but my posts will now start at 7, just cause that is when I wake up, and I don't have free time till noon. So thanks for your support, thanks for reading, please share this and go check out my twitter and follow me there. Follow the blog, and thank you so much for reading