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Final flap-jack : Final Fantasy XII (12 for Americans)
Final Fantasy XII 
Platform : PS2

I need to start this by saying I hate Final Fantasy. I have never finished one, and from the beginning I’ve always hated it. Well I guess now I need to say I hated them. This game is quite simply fantastic. if you follow me on Twitter, and or if you happen to actually know who I am on facebook, you would know recently my Cousin seemed it was fair for him to tell my 14 year old brother that "Final Fantasy XII," was crap, and didn’t deserve to exist. I might be over exaggerating a little bit, but it upsetted my little brother, so I needed to step up and defend him. To be honest, this is the first ever requested review, and to be honest, this would of been my last pick for a game to review. I seriously hated all Final Fantasy games, and still am not the biggest fan, but this game is quickly becoming my favorite RPG on the PS2, and I am so excited to say that this is 100% the most need to play game I have ever reviewed. “Chicken Little: Ace in Action,” was definitely a game I suggest you play, but this game is literally a reason to run out and buy a PS2, and you need to play through this game, because is beautiful. 

Gameplay : Very solid, like a turn based RPG, but improved on the best parts. I seriously don’t know how Square Enix makes games so immersive. From the very beginning, when you finally begin to play, you are dropped into the action. Maybe it was because I was immersed into the actual story of this kingdom entrenched into war, but I loved it. I feel like the story was only half of it, because while the cutscene did drown on forever, never did it occur that I was discouraged to play the actual game. If anything the story made me wanna trudge through the text even more. The tutorial made me feel like I was actually the youngest in this party of freedom fighters. The combat, makes me so happy I finally got into a Final Fantasy game. It never gets to feel tedious, but makes you feel like you are commanding this troop. It’s hard to explain, but it feels just like old "Final Fantasy," games, with the turn based system, but it also feels fresh, with the ability to move around while attacking. One of my favorite parts is I never felt the game get too difficult to fast. The game starts you off slow, but later fights really get the action flowing, even within the tutorial! If it isn’t obvious already I have been blown away by how much fun I had with this game, and I ask you, please go play this game, especially if you like RPG type games or turn based fighting, because this game is quite fun. 

Controls : Responsive, and they work well with the combat system. Now to be honest I did not care for the combat system when I first started, but after a battle or two, I began to understand how it worked. The learning curve is very small, and the game helps to teach you, long before it throws you out to the wolfs ( Quite literally). There is one fight on a stairwell in the tutorial level, where your other party members run up the stairs to save the King, and you are left to fight, this fight just further explained to me how great the combat system was. As I write this review, I am quite excited to play this again, because it was just that good, and I would be challenged to find another game with such immersive controls, and Gameplay, with such an engaging story ( except for Zelda). 

Story : With such long cutscenes, and amazing control scheme, the story has to be good to make a perfect trifecta of game design. And this game fails to disappoint. It is quite simply a beautiful game. I think this story is one of the best I’ve seen. The characters only seem to have actual human dialogue when in cutscenes, but have text bubbles in smaller out of cutscene dialogue, which is fine. I am quite fine with reading, because I believe voice acting in this game can portray feelings you don’t wish to have in a game like this. But I also must add the voice acting in these full cutscenes ( Which look marvelous for PS2 graphics I might add) is quite simply fantastic. It portrays the mood very well, and can really make you care about characters you don’t even know. The Prince guy in the very first cutscene, broke my heart when he was killed, before I even got to know him. He seemed like such a cool character, and all I had to go was a small cutscene, and a little dialogue. Not much. That should just attest to why I love this game so much. It is quite an elegant experience. 

In a world bogged down with these first Person Shooters, and graphic violence, I love to see a game like this made with such quality, be so creative and fun. The story grabs you right off the first cutscene, like a harpoon, and reels you into the actual underlying story. If you’ve never played a "Final Fantasy," game, Like me, You might not want to start with this game, as it does have a little bit of a tricky combat system, a lot of text, and very vague mission description and map, but that doesn't take away from how good of a game it is. I have a hard time explaining why this game is so good, it just is very good. This game gets a …. 

 Rating: 9  out of 10. If you haven't played this game by the time I get to five, you have seriously missed out. Please at least consider.

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